sábado, febrero 09, 2008

KRS-One - D.i.g.i.t.a.l

Año: 2003

01 intro you know what up
02 for example
03 tell the devil ha
04 when the moon (ft. Courtney Terry)
05 free mumia (ft. Channel Live)
06 ah yeah
07 bring it to the cypher (ft. Truck Turner)
08 as you already know (ft. Truck Turner, Big Pun, Kool G Rap)
09 freestyle song (ft. Common)
10 article remix (ft. Mad Lion, Whitey Don, Shelly Thunder)
11 music for the 90s (kid capri remix) (ft. G. Simone)
12 let it flow (get you in the mood) (ft. Courtney Terry)
13 remember
14 no wack djs
15 we dont care anymore
16 smilin faces (ft. Shock G)
17 hip hop vs. rap
18 woop woop (showbiz remix)
19 harmony and understanding
20 outro- ill be back

KRS-One (D.i.g.i.t.a.l.)

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