sábado, marzo 22, 2008

SNOOP DOGG 2008 Promocional

...Before Ego Trippin

Snoop Dogg - ego trippin' [promo dirty fire]

01 Get Rich And Die Tryin'
02 Ridin' (ft Terace Martin Problem & Scar)
03 Sensual Seduction
04 Neva Hafta Worry
05 Flashbacks (ft Warzone)
06 Fear & Respect
07 Hi-Definition (OG) (ft Lupe Fiasco & Pooh Bear)
08 Hoe, Hoe, Hoe (ft Nate Dogg)
09 Sexual Eruption (Remix) (ft Lil' Kim)
10 Father Hood (Skit)
11 Thou Shall Not Kill (ft Mobb Deep)
12 Mind Right (ft Lil Wayne & Katt Williams)
13 What It Do
14 Sensual Seduction (Remix) (ft Robyn)
15 Blast (ft Kurupt)

Snoop Dogg (ego trippin - promo dirty fire)

This version is da ego trippin's advance, is a promotional version...

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