martes, enero 11, 2011

Xzibit - 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz

MC: Xzibit
Album: 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz
Year / Año: 1998


01 Intro (The last night).mp3
02 Chamber Music.mp3
03 3 card molly (ft. Ras Kass y Saafir).mp3
04 What u see is what u get.mp3
05 Handle your business (ft. Defari Herut).mp3
06 Nobody sound like me (ft. Montageone).mp3
07 Pussy pop (ft. Method Man y Jayo Felony).mp3
08 Chronic keeping 101 (interlude).mp3
09 Shroomz.mp3
10 Focus.mp3
11 Jason (48 months interlude).mp3
12 Deeper.mp3
13 Los Angeles times.mp3
14 Inside job.mp3
15 Ley it rain (ft. King Tee y Tha Alkaholiks).mp3
16 Recycled assassins (ft. Montageone).mp3
17 Outro (Xzibit's Life).mp3
18 Don't let the money make you (BonusTrack) (ft. King Tee y Soopafly).mp3



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