viernes, febrero 25, 2011

Xzibit - Appetite For Destruction - Mixtape

MC: Xzibit
Mixtape: Appetite For Destruction
Hosted by: Will Blast
Year / Año: 2004

Este disco no es un album, es un mixtape que apareció el mismo año que el Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Espero que les guste!


01 Will Blast (intro)
02 Grown Man Business
03 Ride And Smoke [ft. Pastor Troy]
04 Gangsta Shit [ft. 50 Cent]
05 Hood Life [ft. Steady Gang]
06 Yo Hood Ain’t No Harder [ft. Young Buck]
07 Hey Now (Mean Muggin)
08 Steady Menace [ft. Steady Gang]
09 What Is It [ft. Krondon]
10 Black Rabbit [ft. Truth Hurts]
11 Get Fucked
12 Muthafucka
13 4321
14 I Can’t Believe [ft. Steady Gang]
15 Matrixx [ft. Phil tha Agony]
16 You Cant Stop Me [ft. Steady Gang]
17 Some Of Them [ft. Devin Aka The Dude y Nas]
18 Take Them Out [ft. 2pac]


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