sábado, mayo 07, 2011

Ying Yang Twins - me & my brother

Ahora les traigo un poco de crunk, pa que vacilen!

Artist: Ying Yang Twins
Album: Me & My Brother
Año: 2003


01 Them Braves
02 Hanh!
03 What's Happnin! (ft. Trick Daddy)
04 Grey Goose
05 Salt Shaker (ft. Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz)
06 Georgia Dome (Get Low Sequel)
07 What The Fuck! (ft. Bone Crusher, Killer Mike)
08 Calling All Zones (ft. Khujo, Hitman Sammy Sam)
09 Me & My Brother
10 Hard (ft. K.T.)
11 The Nerve Calmer
12 Naggin'
13 Naggin' Part II (The Answer) (ft. Ms. Flawless, Tha Rhythum)
14 Armageddon


Disfrútenlo! Hemos vuelto!

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